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The risks should never be underestimated. John and Lucía wanted to escape from routine and took refuge in the mountains, although Lucía did not have the same plans in store for them.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Metropolis Film Festival (Official Selection); Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Fest (Official Selection and Best Actress Nomination (Alexia Roca); Flicker's Rhode Island International Film Festival (Semi-Finalist); Prague International Indie Film Festival (Official Selection, Best Actress Honorable Mention (Alexia Roca); Fango Fest Amposta (Official Selection), TerrorMolins (Ç-Trencada Section).

César Terradas
Alexia Roca, George Steane, Carme Capdet, Ariadna Deu, Àlex Ferré, Mar Pawlowsky, Juan Manuel Mirallas, Nil Sandoner.
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César Terradas

Father of twins, businessman and amateur musician. Restless by nature, he does not falter in the attempt to face new creative challenges that drive him to write the novels: "La chica que colgaba del árbol" and "El último obstáculo". In 2021, in an effort to shoot his first piece, he proposes the idea that it will end up becoming the script for the short film “Feliz Aniversario”. In 2022 he writes, produces and directs the short film "El Refugio".


El Refugio (2022)

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Paul Carr Miquel

Paul Carr began his audiovisual career making video clips and events. He founded the production company Deliris Films together with Aleix Robert and Júlia Cuyas with whom they make video clips and events, as in the beginning, but also advertising and corporate opening the range to a wide variety of audiovisual content. From Deliris Films, they look for ways to create fiction and begin to make short films with great passion.


Natalia, 2014; Entre trampas, 2019; Breathe, 2020; FELIZ ANIVERSARIO (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY), 2021


ScreenwriterCésar Terradas
ProductionCésar Terradas, Eva Terradas, Deliris Films
MusicAleix Robert, Paul Carr
EditionAleix Robert, Paul Carr


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