A young man hoping to soon be a fiancé to his Nigerian girlfriend meets her family for the first time. Before they will accept him, he must take part in a cleansing ritual to examine the past and witness the actions of his forefathers.

When a housewife named Edith who loves to cook discovers a strange creature hiding in the home being built in her neighborhood, she decides to feed it. The only problem is that the creature is never satisfied.

When a workaholic city detective and her laid-back partner try to stop a disheveled girl staggering down the middle of a country road, they discover she’s being stalked by some unseen entity with a horrifying ultimatum: you stop moving, you die.


A reclusive man living in a trailer park receives a visit from a girl, who is seeking shelter from the storm. As the night progresses and conversation flows between the two of them, paranoia overtakes them. But which of the two is more dangerous: him, an alcoholic haunted by his past, or her, a mysterious girl with a secret motivation?


Cult film with a memorable soundtrack that takes us to Salem (Massachusetts), the nerve center of evil, the place where witches held their covens in the past. Today it is, at least in appearance, a normal city. Heidi hosts a popular radio show focused on hard rock; One day, she receives a promotional vinyl from a band called The Lords. Her music, strange and sinister, leaves her deeply disturbed, causing nightmares and hallucinations.

Trying to escape danger in a post apocalyptic world, Bannon realizes that his very existence will be put to the test.


Playing hide and seek with her friends, Larisa hides on top of a tree. She hears a squeak; an old hag is opening the window of her old house. Suddenly, a crow flies to the parapet and gives something to the old hag; she places it in a jar with liquid, adds some of it to a pot and, when it boils, she drinks some drops of the liquid. Larisa sees with incredulity what happens to the old hag and, as soon as she leaves the house, Larisa enters through the window to find out, with horror, what was inside the jar. She looks for a way out but…