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The old hag and the crow

Playing hide and seek with her friends, Larisa hides on top of a tree.
She hears a squeak; an old hag is opening the window of her old house. Suddenly, a crow flies to the parapet and gives something to the old hag; she places it in a jar with liquid, adds some of it to a pot and, when it boils, she drinks some drops of the liquid.
Larisa sees with incredulity what happens to the old hag and, as soon as she leaves the house, Larisa enters through the window to find out, with horror, what was inside the jar. She looks for a way out but…

Festivals, awards and nominations

WINNER: Dubai International Film Festival, Caligari Festival Internacional de cine, Black Tiger International Film Festival, Gulfindie International Film Festival, Kodaikanal International Film Festival, Indo Singapore International Film Festival, Sittannavasal International Film Festival, Bizarrya Short Film Festival, Spooktacular Spectacular Family Film Festival, Metropolis Film Festival. NOMINATED: FICG (Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara), SMOF Stop Motion Our Fest, Midsummer Scream Halloween and Horror Convention, Bite Night Presents..., MENCIÓN Honorífica en: GASP! Horror Film Festival

María Lucía Bayardo Dodge
María Lucía Bayardo Dodge
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María Lucía Bayardo Dodge

I studied Mass communications at ITESO and short term screenwriting, fiction and documentary workshop at CAAV. I have published 34 children and young adult stories and the novels of Jabari. I have a marionette company, studied with a Czech teacher. This is my first animation film.


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