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TerrorKids: Session of short films for children

05 Nov 10:00 (La Peni)

Screening of a selection of horror short films for boys and girls. The screening is divided into two parts: a first session with short films for boys and girls between 6 and 9 years old, and a second part with short films for boys and girls from 10 years old. The short films exhibited are selected taking into account the criteria of quality, representativeness and suitability for family audiences.
During the session, the presentation of the works in the previous edition of the children's film workshop will be carried out, and it will be carried out by the boys and girls who participated.

Since 2023, the section TerrorKids has become competitive with the Jury Award to the Best Short Film and the Audience Award "Caca a la Butaca" [Shit on the seat]

*The screenings will have a relaxed session dynamic to promote the accessibility and inclusion of groups with autism spectrum disorder and other cognitive difficulties. The atmosphere in the room will be more comfortable for everyone thanks to dim lighting, sound reduction that avoids annoying noises, and the ability to move around the space.

10.00h - Block I (6-9 years)
10.30h - Short Presentation of Children's Horror Film Workshop 2022
10.45h - Block II (10-12 years)

1€ - Solidarity entry in favor of the Association of Friends of Oncological Children (AFANOC)

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