Abnormal Adoration

A zombie girl, Susan, falls in love with a monster boy, Allen, who pays no attention to her. When Susan finds out that Allen loves the girls on the magazine covers, she becomes determined to change herself to fit what Allen might like. However, no matter how hard she tries to change who she is, none of them win Allen's attention... Susan becomes increasingly sad and angry, but then she sees the last cover says "The Dumber the Better..."

Festivals, awards and nominations

Quarter-Finalist at Winter Leopard International Film Festival
Nominated by Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival of "Animation"
Won Alternative Film Festival Summer 2023 Edition Award for “Best Animation North America” Won New York Cinematography AWARDS for “Best Animation Film”
Won few different categories at the 8 & HalFilm Awards including “Best Original Short Film”
Nominated by Lift-Off First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2023 of "First-Time Animation Filmmakers"
Nominated by Hercules Independent Film Festival of "Best Animation"
Quarter-Finalist at Red Fox International Film Festival of "Best Student Film"
Finalist at Montevideo Fantástico 14 of "Official Short Films Competition"

Mingyuan Ye
country of origin
United States
production year
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Mingyuan Ye

I grew up in China where my mother, an interior designer, inspired my love for drawing. As I began creating characters and stories, I initially aspired to become a costume designer, but realized my true passion was in exploring the stories behind the costumes and delving deeper into the characters themselves through animation. I am inspired by the meaning of life and the mysteries surrounding death in my art.


Abnormal Adoration (2023)


ProductionRingling College of Art and Design