Jay wakes up dead - obviously murdered - and discovers that everything the agency told him about becoming a zombie was a lie.

A zombie girl, Susan, falls in love with a monster boy, Allen, who pays no attention to her. When Susan finds out that Allen loves the girls on the magazine covers, she becomes determined to change herself to fit what Allen might like. However, no matter how hard she tries to change who she is, none of them win Allen's attention... Susan becomes increasingly sad and angry, but then she sees the last cover says "The Dumber the Better..."


Cemal, a lonely hearse driver, has to transport the body of a young woman who has been murdered to her parents' home. During the trip, however, the body comes to life and when he sees her, Cemal falls in love with the undead woman. This is when he begins to commit murders in order to feed her, even if it means having to deal with the police's attempts to capture a serial killer.

Nancy works in a small gas station shop. Disillusioned, not even the news of an apocalypse seems to worry her. But the sudden arrival of a mysterious customer could change all that. Will Nancy finally find meaning in her life? Or in her death?

Sound experience for the presentation of the sound fiction project DEVOLVEMOS LA CONEXIÓN, written and directed by Raúl N. Cortés. Feel in first person, in the dark, a collective experience of terror. Take on the zombie apocalypse like you've never done before!