Night Walks: Edith and The Empty

When a housewife named Edith who loves to cook discovers a strange creature hiding in the home being built in her neighborhood, she decides to feed it. The only problem is that the creature is never satisfied.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Best Feature & Variety Magazine's Best Ensemble Cast "Party With Me" MethodFest Film Festival 2020, Best Micro Short "Cupcake" GenreBlast 2021

Robyn August
Jill Reinstadler, Ken Reinstadler, Marie Morrell
United States

Robyn August

Robyn August is an award-winning film and music video director, writer, animator, and editor with online content viewed in the multi-millions. His first feature film “Party With Me” in which he wrote, directed, and edited was awarded “Best Film” at The 2020 Method Fest Independent Film Festival & Variety Magazine’s “Best Ensemble” cast. His new film “KillHer” screening at LA ScreamFest 2022. It will be distributed through Dark Sky Films October 20th in limited theaters and VOD.


KillHer (Feature), Party With Me (feature) , Cupcake (Short)


ScreenwriterRobyn August
ProductionRobyn August -
EditionRobyn August