Internal struggle

Christian - a millionaire heir, meets Sigrid - a young student, on a dating app. They hit it off quickly, but there's only one problem: Christian lives with Frank, a man who dresses up and constantly acts like a dog.

In an old building, lost in the middle of the swamp, live two strange women, Siamese twins joined by one leg. At night, the Flayed has terrifying nightmares in which she sees her sister's flesh covering her own body...

Edith has a song stuck in her head for several days. How she is going to get through this?

The horror of Jen's past catches up with her when she takes her autistic son to a birthday party in her hometown.

About a stop-motion animator struggling to control her demons after the loss of her overbearing mother.

Julien visits his older sister, Sarah, who leads a cloistered life in a residential tower and no longer wants to see anyone. He discovers with terror that she has taken refuge in a hermetic world, surrounded by frightening terrariums.

A desperate woman who needs to help her father to die turns to a mysterious people called "the accomplices" without knowing what their collaboration really means.

Trying to escape danger in a post apocalyptic world, Bannon realizes that his very existence will be put to the test.

When Alfred’s parents bring home his new baby brother, he unravels and decides he must kill the baby before he loses his parents' love and affection.

After a violent accident, Lilly wakes to find herself having barely escaped the steel grip of death, only to discover the fight has just begun. Starring Netflix’s ALONG FOR THE RIDE’s Emma Pasarow, KICKSTART MY HEART is the story of one woman’s battle through her mind’s multiple levels of hell and the bloody torment she endures to regain control over her consciousness.