Edith has a song stuck in her head for several days. How she is going to get through this?

Festivals, awards and nominations

Lift-Off First Time Filmmaker Sessions - official selection
Gozo Film Festival - official selection
Corrosivo Film Fest - official selection
among others.

Pauline Picard
Eline Vey, Robin Peroni, Bérengère Steiblin, Antoine Dupire, Sonia Durand, Jules Robin, Margaux Dreyer

Pauline Picard

I am a French actress, director and editor. Trained in Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon Drama Conservatories, I gratuated Drama Bachelor in 2017. I also graduated a Higher National Diploma in editing. It's a love for rhythm that drives my two passions: editing and acting. Being in front of and behind the camera perpetually feeds my two worlds.


- 2023 : PotosBoost (BuddyBoost / AmigosBoost) - 2023 : Oorworm - 2021 : Pizza Volante (Flying pizza)


ProductionPauline Picard - pauline.picard6@gmail.com
EditionPauline Picard