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Meeting with Caye Casas - Workshop for finalists Ç-Trencada

04 Nov 19:30 (Pista de La Peni)

Exclusive activity for Ç-Trencada finalist short filmmakers.

Meeting with Caye Casas, who will tell us how he has built his career as a director and screenwriter, managing successes in both short films and feature films.

Film director and scriptwriter, he has made several short films, most notably 'NADA S.A.' and 'R.I.P.', achieving more than 200 awards and more than 500 selections in national and international festivals. In 2017 he premiered his first feature film entitled MATAR A DIOS, considered the best independent film of the year and became the most awarded comedy in Spanish cinema after winning more than 30 international awards. He has developed several series projects, feature film scripts, series and advertising, book adaptations, documentaries and script analysis for different production companies. This 2023 he premieres his second feature film LA MESITA DEL COMEDOR, which opens this edition of TerrorMolins.