Opening: La Mesita del Comedor + Knit One, Stab Two

03 Nov 21:15 (La Peni)

Inauguration of the 40th Edition of the Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival. Before the film, the short film Knit One, Stab Two will be screened.


I love horror films. I love knitting. I love feminism. The impetus for this particular project came out of a response to re-reading ‘When the woman looks’ (1984), Linda Williams’ canonical essay on horror film and gender. Here, I have brought together my three passions to ask, what happens when the woman knits? Or, to be more precise: what happens when the woman knits in a horror film?

A couple, who have just become parents, is not going through the best moment of their relationship. They are in crisis and have several problems. What they will not imagine even in their worst nightmares is that buying a small dining room table will become the worst decision of their lives.