They jumped on the road and were crushed under the wheels. As a child, she could see them, illuminated by car headlights, on summer nights.
Now, many years later, a strange sense of revenge haunts her nightmares. Paula confesses her phobia of lobsters to a psychologist while instinctively protecting the baby in her womb from a faceless threat.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Beyond Fest

Imanol Ortiz López
Aia Kruse, Daniel Albaladejo

Imanol Ortiz López

Producer, director and screenwriter of several short films with more than 250 selections in national and international festivals. He is currently preparing his first feature film, #thechallenge, a found footage horror film, as well as other genre projects such as the horror thriller "Delivery" and the fantasy drama "Bramble". In 2018 he published "Ajuar Funerario", a horror comic adapted from the book by Fernando Iwasaki.


Expreso nocturno (2003) Peter Pan (2013) Moda (2018) La abducción argumentada (2019) Oculto (2020) N-666 (2021) Alumbramiento (2022)


ScreenwriterImanol Ortiz López, Marta Marín Ostariz
MusicJosé Luis Canal
EditionDaniel Caneiro