Gus, a drug addict publicist is locked in his bathroom due to a missing knob, which has been temporarily removed for renovations in his new office. During his stay in the bathroom, he cannot take the drugs he is used to, so he turns to cleaning products instead. From this, he invokes an imaginary creature called "The Mop" that, despite his gruesome appearance, will make Gus get out of the bathroom completely cured of his addiction.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Terror Molins 2021 - Secció Ç-Trencada

Ian Garrucho
Ian Garrucho, Iu Alsius

Ian Garrucho

Ian Garrucho (Barcelona, January 4, 2003) is a student. From an early age he showed interest in the audiovisual world and, throughout his 18 years of life, he has carried out various projects in the role of direction, script, interpretation and editing. These include the music videos of his musical group "Sofás Verdes" and his first short film "The Mop".


- The mop (2021)

Iu Alsius

Iu Alsius (Barcelona, March 19, 2003) is a computer science student with an interest in the audiovisual world. Throughout his life he has participated in many audiovisual projects in the role of interpretation, editing, post-production and camera operator. These include the music videos for the musical group "Sofás Verdes" and the short film "The Mop" by Ian Garrucho.


- The mop (2021)


ScreenwriterIan Garrucho
ProducerIan Garrucho
ComposerTony Garrucho
EditorIan Garrucho, Iu Alsius