An eccentric microscopist finally gets his hands on some rare samples, but he could never have imagined what he’ll see through the lens...

Festivals, awards and nominations

Arrow Frightfest London 2022,
Telluride Horrow Show 2022,
Celluloid Screams 2022,
Filmquest 2022

Elliot Vick, Reuben Vick
Johnny Vivash
United Kingdom
No dialogue

Elliot and Reuben Vick

Outer Dark Pictures is a group of diversely-skilled filmmakers who have worked together for several years creating independent films. Directors Elliot and Reuben Vick have worked in film in the UK and abroad, and as part of Outer Dark Pictures have had several films screen in festivals around the world.


Forests Such as These (2023), Stop Motion, 9 mins; The Microscope (2022), Horror, 10 mins; The Cross (2017), Fantasy, 8 mins).


ScreenwriterElliot Vick
ProducerNiall Donegan


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