Julio is a boy who lives with his parents in a house far from town. His father commits murders hiding his face behind a mask while Carmen, his mother, runs a small grocery store.
Ten years later, a group of friends are going to spend a weekend in a rural house in the town, which has become famous for the many disappearances that happened long ago.
The group visits the store run by Carmen and Julio the same day he turns 18, producing a first fleeting encounter between them.
Carmen has a surprise prepared for her son, a mask like his father's. Julio will have to choose between continuing the family tradition of being a murderer or embracing the love of Úrsula, one of the girls in the group that he has just met.

Festivals, awards and nominations

- B-retina 2022
- Insólito Film Festival 2022
- Pumking Fantasy Film Festival 2022
- Festival de Cine Libre de Colombia 2022
- Espanto Film Fest 2022
- Oculto Film fest 2022
- Valeiff 2022
- Madriff 2022
- Festival Internacional de Cine Friki 2022
- Preselección en los premios Oriana 2022
- Europe Independent Film Festival 2022

Alberto Armas Díaz
Sergio Alguacil, Fabiola Muñoz, Mario Gallardo, Rafa Blanes, Anna Hastings, Cristina Bravo, Rafa de Vera, Reyes Monaj, José Quero, Esteban Jiménez, Fran Cantalejo, José María Ruiz, Mauricio Morales, Adrián Villén, Rafa López, María Moreno, Logan Silva, Luis E. Sandoval, Trini Alabanda, Samuel Cáceres, Iago Ramíres, Pilar Moreno, María Jesús Marín
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ScreenwriterAlberto Armas Díaz
MusicPaul Andrews
EditionAlberto Armas, Iván Molina