Manuel (Zorion Eguileor) has to move into the house of his son Mario (Gustavo Salmerón) and his family after a terrible event ends the life of his old wife. Little by little, reality imposes itself: something incomprehensible happens to Manuel. The voices that he claims to hear, the presences with which he claims to speak. Lena (Irene Anula), Mario's wife, wants to throw him out of the house: she is sure that something terrible will happen. Only Naia (Paula Gallego), the teenage daughter, is on his side, but even she begins to doubt as strange phenomena occur around her increasingly disturbed grandfather. It's the hottest summer in history, a countdown has begun and it's too late to stop it.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Festival Fantasia de Montreal, Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya –Sitges, FantasticFest, TerrorMolins

Raúl Cerezo y Fernando González Gómez
Zorion Eguileor, Gustavo Salmerón, Paula Gallego, Irene Anula, Ángela López Gamonal y Juan Acedo
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Picture of Raúl Cerezo

Raúl Cerezo

Madrid, 1976. Director, producer and screenwriter. Founder of the genre film production company "Eye Slice Pictures", alongside Helion Ramalho. Raúl Cerezo is a key and recognized figure in the world of short film and spanish horror. Cerezo has produced more than a hundred works and directed emblematic titles such as "8", winner of Melies D'argent and Paul Naschy awards at the Sitges Film Festival, among many other recognitions. His first feature comes with "The Passenger", a film that will have its premiere at the Sitges Film Festival after passing through the "Fantastic 7" in Cannes. Cerezo has codirected with Fernando González Gómez and he is also the creator of the original idea and co-producer. Futhermore, Cerezo has already shot and co written his second feature film, "Elders", also in co-direction with Fernando González Gómez. Filmax International is the sales agent and also distributor of the title that is planned to be released in theatres in 2022.


LA PASAJERA: Address. Produced by La Dalia Films, Persons Films, Eye Slice Pictures (Premiere 2021) VIEJOS: Direction, Screenplay Produced by Persons Films, Eye Slice Pictures, Sierra Gador (Premiere 2022)

Picture of Fernando González Gómez

Fernando González Gómez

Trained as an aeronautical engineer, he founded Fanda Films in 2004 together with producer Niko Verona with whom he has made more than thirty short films. Having worked in comedy, thrillers, social film and documentaries, she has been able to explore a wide variety of narratives and characters. Fanda Films productions have been shown at hundreds of festivals, receiving dozens of national and international awards. Sharp and agile dialogues, extreme characters and strange and dystopian atmospheres, characterize the work of this prolific Spanish filmmaker. Highlighting his 3 nominations for Melie d'argent and his candidacy for the Goya for best fiction short film. As for feature films, he has written and directed 'Standard', winner of the Vanguard Comedy Award at the prestigious Austin film festival. And he co-directs with Raul Cerezo ‘La Pasajera’ for the upcoming premiere at the Sitges and ‘Viejos’ festival, which will be distributed by Filmax in 2022.


ESTÁNDAR: Direction, script and editing. Produced by La Dalia Films and Persons Films. LA PASAJERA: Directed. Produced by La Dalia Films, Persons Films, Eye Slice Pictures (Premiere 2021) VIEJOS: Directed. Produced by Persons Films, Eye Slice Pictures, Sierra Gador (Release 2022)


ScreenwriterRaúl Cerezo, Javier Trigales y Rubén Sánchez
ProductionJosé Luis Rancaño
MusicEneko Vadillo
EditionJosé Manuel Jiménez


Sales agentFilmax
International sales agentFilmax