After the death of his wife from a debilitating eating disorder, Jed falls into a severe state of depression and convinces himself that death is the only atonement for his neglect. Soon enough, he finds himself in the home of a deranged cannibal who convinces him to die in the most horrific way imaginable. Near death and trapped, it doesn’t take long for Jed to realize that he’s made a huge mistake.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Grimmfest 2022 (UK premiere)

Richard Oakes, Adam Leader
Neal Ward, Christopher Mulvin, Hannah Al Rashid, Samantha Loxley, Nadia Lamin, Anto Sharp
United Kingdom


ScreenwriterAdam Leader
ProducerEd Polgardy, Adam Leader, Neal Ward, Richard Oakes
ComposerBenjamin Symons, Rory Kay, Sean Gorman
EditorRichard Oakes, Adam Leader