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Talk "Saloum: horror digressions in african cinema"

We chat with Sebastián Ruiz-Cabrera about African horror cinema taking advantage of the screening at the festival of the Senegalese film Saloum (Jean Luc Herbulot, 2021).

Picture of Sebastián Ruiz-Cabrera

Sebastián Ruiz-Cabrera

Sebastián Ruiz-Cabrera (Seville, 1986). Professor of communication, international relations and African cinema at the University of Girona (UdG), the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and collaborator at different universities and non-regulated spaces where he teaches training related to communication and power, the stories of peripheral cinemas, geopolitics and artivism. Ten years ago he founded the WIRIKO.ORG portal with a group of researchers, which since 2012 has become a reference medium for delving into the African continent through arts and cultures. As a journalist, he collaborates with various media outlets such as EL SALTO, EL PAÍS, RNE or MUNDO NEGRO, doing film and music reviews of the African continent and political analysis of this region. He has made various documentaries in Cuba, Senegal and various countries in East Africa. The last one is called Occupation S.A. (2020). He collaborates as a programmer in various African film festivals such as FILM AFRICA in London, FAC in Mallorca or Terra Gollut in Girona. He is currently the coordinator of the CINEMAFRIQUES association that in 2022 and together with the Fons Català de Cooperació have started the Itinerant Festival of African Cinemas of Catalonia (FICAC) where the objective is to project the cinematographies of the continent in various municipalities of the country.