Häxan Witchcraft through the ages

07 Nov 17:00 (Biblioteca el Molí)

With introduction and conversation with the public by Luis Aller, screenwriter and film director.

Masterpiece of the witchcraft film genre. Surprising and pioneering mix of documentary and dramatic fiction, which juxtaposes rites and customs from the Middle Ages and the early 20th century to dialogue with our present. An imposing review of the world of occultism, black magic and witchcraft, through several centuries, to draw a panorama that can be as fascinating as it is shocking. Based in part on a 15th century German manual for inquisitors.

Luis Aller, filmmaker and film popularizer, combines his activity as a film teacher with film direction. His first feature film “Barcelona, Lamento” (1989) won the Sant Jordi award for Best First Opera. With “Transeúntes”, his second feature film, the result of 22 years of work, he obtained recognition for Best Film in the Official Selection Resistencias of the Seville European Film Festival in 2015. A teacher of several generations of filmmakers, he teaches classes for more of three decades in different schools and universities and in 2009 he founded Bande à Part, Film School in Barcelona. Through the series "Històries del Cinema", in Betevé and now in Filmin, his work as a cinematographic popularizer has been known to the general public.