Blood Sabbath

An American soldier, a Vietnam veteran, finds himself chased by a group of women on his way home. In his attempt to outwit the chase, he falls down an embankment and loses consciousness. He is awakened by a young and beautiful girl, with whom he falls in love. But what he doesn't know is that this young woman is a soulless body possessed by a witch. Characteristic title of commercial horror cinema from the 1970s, when the cult of the devil in films was a metaphor for the evils of American society. With the presence of cult actresses such as Dyanne Thorne (“Ilsa”) and Uschi Digard (“Supervixens”), Blood Sabbath is a reclaimable tale of horror and eroticism that has left its mark on directors of our days such as Rob Zombie (“The Lords of Salem”) or Robert Eggers (“The Witch”).

Brianne Murphy
Steve Gravers, Dyanne Thorne, Sam Gilman, Anthony Geary, Susan Damante, Uschi Digard
United States