Blood on Satan's Claw

Taking the lead of cult works like "El General Witchfinder", "Satan's Claw" is part of a whole new wave of British horror that focuses its attention on collective madness in a similar way to "The witch".

XVII century. Some children are playing in the fields that surround their town and they come across strange remains that resemble a claw. The local judge is responsible for investigating its origin. Shortly after starting the investigation, the claw disappears and a strange madness takes over the inhabitants of the town. The children, under the orders of the sinister Angel Blake, begin to participate in rituals where the youngest and purest are mutilated and sacrificed. Only the judge will be able to exorcise the demonic forces that are destroying your community.

Piers Haggard
Michele Dotrice, Patrick Wymark, Linda Hayden, Barry Andrews
United Kingdom