Meant to be your Mife

Sarah is preparing her husband’s promotion dinner party alone, waiting for her husband and his friends to arrive. Suddenly Sarah receives a huge delivery. It is a mannequin. She is confused, calling her husband to check, but gets nothing. So Sarah places the mannequin next to the mirror and dresses the mannequin up. But the mannequin is imitating Sarah, replacing Sarah… At the dinner party, everyone is praising Sarah's husband for having a decent wife. This time it is a mannequin that is standing beside, but no one notices anything unusual.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Cannes World film festival - Best Sound Design Winner/Best Short horror film nominated
The Strange Days Horror Fest - Best original music Winner/Best horror film nominated
Golden Short Film Festival - Best Thriller Short film Official selection/Best Editing Category official selection
Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film&Screenplay - Best Student Film Winner
White Culture Film Festival - Best horror film Semi-Finalist
Tuesday of horror - Best student horror film Winner

Cheng Ji
Sydney van Delft, Gale Massa, Dominic Eric Dunnaway, Maximilian Itsikson, Zachary Staben
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Cheng Ji

Cheng Ji was born in China. She studied at the Beijing Film Academy as an undergraduate and as a graduate student at the California College of the Arts. She is a filmmaker, MV director, editor, colorist, Film scores producer, and music producer. She likes capturing inspiration from her dreams and expressing it in a wonderful and poetic visual way.


White horse By the sea - Fantasy film/Feminism Film 2021 I'm Gonna Die - Text Film/Score 2022 Meant to be your Mife - Horror 2023


ScreenwriterCheng Ji
ProductionCheng Ji -
MusicCheng Ji
EditionCheng Ji