Tempted by an offer for a sexual experience, a Lonely Man with cerebral palsy and a supernatural secret lands himself in the crosshairs of an Abusive Thrill-seeker.

Festivals, awards and nominations

Fantaspoa 2022; BIFFF 2022; Best Actor – Memphis Film Prize

Daniel Lane Baker
Daniel Aaron Harris; Kinon Keplinger; Shannon Walton; Curtis C Jackson
United States

Daniel Lane Baker

Massimo Meo is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal, Quebec. As a Visual Effects Producer, he has delivered various projects for Warner Brothers, Marvel, and Disney. The script for his feature film, CROCUS, is a Quarterfinalist for ScreenCraft's Family Screenplay Competition and the 2022 Screenwriting Fellowship. Massimo is currently attached as VFX Producer to Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and will be releasing his first short film, THE CRADLE, summer 2022.


The Cradle (2022) - Writer, Director, & Producer Crocus (2022) - Writer, Director, & Producer (in pre-production) Adam Amok (2023) - Writer, Director, & Producer (in development)


ScreenwriterBenjamin Robert
ProductionAdam Dietrich, Ben Roberts, Monica O'Donniley-Summerfield