True Survivor - beer&snacks event: Opération Luchador + Jacinto

10 Nov 21:00 (El Foment)

Double session where we will see in order of projection:
Opération Luchador
Jacinto (presented by the cast)

(With the ticket we include snacks and a drink)

At the dawn of the Second World War, Nazism was extending its grip over South America. The Golden Angel, a Mexican masked wrestler, was recruited by the Americans in order to flush out the spies of the Third Reich and put a stop to their nefarious schemes. The Golden Angel's assignments, still classified Top Secret and therefore absent from the history books, even brought him to a pivotal confrontation with Hitler himself.


Jacinto is a nine-year-old boy locked in the body of a man in his early fifties. He lives with his elderly parents in Mallou, a ruined town in the middle of the Lugo mountains. They are the only three inhabitants left. Jacinto has manufactured a fantasy world in which he is the absolute king, but everything changes with the arrival of a new couple of neighbors: Alex and Ana, two dark black metal artists from Sweden in search of a quiet place to record the new album by his band "Tardigrades".