Double Session: The Scary of Sixty-first + Coming Home In The Dark + Succession

Projection Order: 1º Succession (Short), 2º The scary of sixty-first, 3º Coming Home In The Dark

Javier, traumatized by the recent death of his daughter, arrives at his former home after receiving an unexpected invitation from Laura, his ex-wife. He finds the house empty, and only the memories of the past will accompany the man to succumb to the visions that little by little will make him doubt between what is real or not.


The lives of two roommates change after discovering that their new Manhattan apartment holds a dark secret.

Traveling down a desolate road through an endless valley, Alan and Jill stop their vehicle to take their teenage children on a New Zealand nature hike. When they stop for a snack, two homeless people appear out of nowhere and surround the peaceful family. In an unexpected act of violence, they kidnap the family, which unleashes a series of events from which there is no escape.